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Masuda Takahisa's MASTER HITS [09.07.12] Translation

A/N: I am so glad the radio programs are getting abit shorter than the usual :))))) HAHA!! It's so hard when you're outdated :)) 

And before you start reading, I'm sure most of you already saw the preview of Massu's drama but here's a screen cap from the previews :D




Dark hair + Scrub Suits Massu = DEATH

Anyway, I hope you're still breathing to read the translation :)) Enjoy~! :)


Master Hits (09.07.12)

Massu: Konban-Masuda-Takahiiits! How are you all this Friday evening? Today, September 7 is known for the CM Song Day. There are many CM songs around, but Matsuzaki Shigeru-san’s Ai no Memory was originally a chocolate CM song and after it came out as a commercial, the single was released and it was a big hit. I see~. So it wasn’t really for the intention of promoting the CM, ne? I see~. Well we will do our best to be able to sing for a CM again~!

Now, I would like to introduce some mails.

First is from Sakura-chan from Fuchuu: “Massu, good evening.” Good evening. “Do you like eating or sleeping? I like to sleep more.”

Hmm… eating or sleeping… I think I like eating more. But I also love sleeping. But if you compare the two, I prefer eating. Yes.

And this is Masuda Takahisa on Master Hits from Bayfm keeping you company ‘til 11:30pm.

This week’s NEWS!

This week’s NEWS, we are in the middle of NEWS Live Tour 2012 ~Utsukushii Koi ni Suruyo~. The day after tomorrow on Sunday, we’ll be going Sendai. We always hold concerts enjoyably but just recently, it was only in Tokyo and Osaka but we had an event for those who bought the box set of Chankapana. And we only did this kind of event once when we debuted and never did again since then and it was different from going to a concert. We had games and we also sang songs and it felt like we weren’t at work and did a lot. Of course, it’s the same thing with the concert but I feel like there are a lot of people who are this close who support us so much and we’re very happy. And to be able to get no. 1 with Chankapana was really the power of the fans and they were the ones who made us get no. 1, so I’m really glad we were able to hold an event like this. And there are a lot of listeners of Bayfm who also said that they were able to go, so I’m very happy. We will continue to do our best to make more good songs and radio programs, so please continue supporting us.

Please listen to the first song, NEWS’ Chankapana.

(Song: Chankapana)

Massu’s Brain Master!

This is Masuda Takahisa’s MASTER HITS from Bayfm. In this segment, we will introduce different quizzes and we’ll do a brain exercise together~!

Today’s Brain Master is Ryona-chan: “This is my first time sending a mail for Brain Master. Question: What is something that gets hot as it gets cold?”

Hm? Something that gets hot when it gets cold…? When it gets cold, it gets hot? When it gets cold, it gets cold… cold, cold… I wonder. Is it lovers? When it gets cold, they hold hands so it gets warm. Is it correct?

*beep* Okay, that means it’s not it. There’s a proper answer for that. When it gets cold… The colder it gets, it gets hot… Something used to wrap? Clothes! Is it right? Something like that, but close enough? Is it heat? Something layered? Icicle? Ah, not icicle! Something you can step on. The one on the ground. The one that freezes the soil. Frost! Snow. It’s snow. Ice?

*ping-pong!* Ah~, ice, ne? I see. It’s difficult! The answer is ice. Ah! The heat of the ice is cold, ne?

“This question was on a 6 year old leveled book, but I couldn’t get the answer right. Frustrating!” That goes same for me, I guess? Well, the 6 year-old’s have that. It was pretty hard. I see. But I kind of thought it was correct with the clothes. I’m sure there are more things that get hot when it’s cold. It says here, “Was it too easy for you?” It wasn’t an easy question. Ryona-chan, this was a good question. Thank you so much!

You can all become Brain Masters and send your quizzes as well. I’ll be waiting.

Now, please listen to the next song NEWS’ Fiesta.

(Song: Fiesta)

This is Masuda Takahisa’s MASTER HITS on Bayfm and now, I would like to introduce some mails.

First is from Mayumi-chan: “Massu, good evening.” Good evening. “Just recently, I heard a couple of grade school students singing loudly so fun in front of our house and I was wondering what they were singing. They were singing “Pan-pan-panchipama, panchipama~” to the tune of Chankapana and I got so happy.”

The grade school students were the ones singing, ne? I’m so happy~. Well the lyrics are a bit different ‘cause it’s really ‘Chan-chan-chankapana’ but if they know it and changed it to Panchipama, I’m very happy. Even grade schoolers know it too, ne? That’s nice~. But if I see grade schoolers singing like that, I would like to tell them, “It’s chan-chan-chankapana.” (How he said this was really really cute Q___Q HUHUHU)

Next is from Kaho-chan: “Today, I received my membership certificate for NEWS [fan club] and the newsletter. I really like the shiny, white and very NEWS-like certificate. And the newsletter had so much NEWS, I kept reading it. Thank you so much for the very nice certificate and the newsletter. I’ll treasure it.”

That’s what the mail says. Thank you so much! I see… the new membership certificate and the newsletters were sent. We all picked the design and the color of the certificate. And for the newsletters, we’ll continue to plan and of course, ask for the opinions of everyone to keep sending nice newsletters so please look forward to them!

Next is from Maru-chan: “I have retired from the wind music band with the metronome Kacchin-Kocchin that you named before. Thanks to Kacchin-Kocchin, I was able to successfully play well. Thank you so much! I’ll do my best in the college [entrance] exams.”

I see, with the metronome Kacchin-Kocchin, she retired from the wind music band and played successfully. That’s nice! Well you can also use Kacchin-Kocchin for interior. You can display it at home and maybe it’ll be nice if you put like a finger puppet. Maybe you can put the hand of Mickey or something to make it look happy (HAHA WHAT). Well if you won’t be using it and will only used it for the band, you can use it as a display. So congratulations on your graduation and good luck on your exams!

Next is from Sharlie-chan: “Please give a name to the boom box I got when I was in 5th grade for Christmas. The shape and the color are really cute, but I bent the antenna, so listening to the radio is difficult. I pressed the repeat button too much and dropped it on the floor. It’s something I’ll be using to listen to your radio program and NEWS’ songs, so I want you to give it a name. I’ll be looking forward to a nice name!”

I see. Hmm, I wonder. Boom box… so she listens on her boom box? It’s hard when the antenna gets destroyed. Well if it’s a name that might sound in, maybe… Rajiko? Well it’s not the ones like you listen on the computer or something, but the Raji is in katakana and the ko is the kanji for ‘kodomo’ (). And avoid using romaji, ne? So please be careful. Raji is in katakana and ko is in kanji.

Next is from Yuuka-chan: “I want an advice from Masuda-kun. I recently got a boyfriend. He invites me to hangout, but we’re all exam-takers. But I have a dream that I’ve always had ever since I was small. I don’t want to give that dream up, so I want to study hard instead of after classes and spending my free time going out. How would you take that? Do you think we should breakup? Please let me know your opinion, Masuda-kun [that I love]. I’ll be waiting for a frank opinion.”

I see, I see. She has a boyfriend and she’s an exam-taker. So that means they’ve never been out yet. I wonder… well I don’t know how much time you’ll be needing to study for the exam to make that dream happen and her feelings for the guy might change now, and based on this letter… well I guess it can’t be helped if you can’t see him so that you’d be able to fulfill this dream. It won’t be good if you go out with him and you won’t be fulfilling your dream and you won’t be satisfied. But since you just got a boyfriend, maybe you can spend a little time even like having lunch with him in school, maybe allot like one hour after school. Maybe wake up an hour earlier than usual to adjust the time? I think it’ll change a lot. Well in this case now, it might be easy to breakup, but it would be nice if you both can grow from the relationship too and I know you seem to have a determination towards the dream. So don’t be too pressured on both things. I think it won’t be so bad to spend time for him when you think that you’re free. I’m cheering for you to be able to fulfill your dreams, so please do your best!

And now, please listen to this song, NEWS’ Teppen.

(Song: Teppen­)

This was Masuda Takahisa on Master Hits from Bayfm and we’re about to end the show. I’ll be in the drama “Resident ~Gonin no Kenshuui~” which will be starting in October on TBS. So I hope you all watch.

We are accepting different mails for the show: Your questions to me, love advice, Brain Master… and we got a mail earlier about the membership certificate and the newsletter from Kaho-chan. I’ll be waiting for mails like suggestions for the newsletter! For the mails to the show, One sender gets to win an original sticker from the show every week. We are passionately waiting for your mails.

Please listen again next week! This was NEWS’ Masuda Takahisa.

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