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K-chan NEWS [09.05.12] Translation

A/N: GOSH I'M ONE WEEK BEHIND @____@ I had a lot of stuff and never got to post it :O Anyhow, this is K-chan NEWS from last week [AND ANOTHER EPISODE'S COMING OUT TONIGHT LOL HURRR.]. Just a random comment before I start...

KEI-CHAN'S VOICE WAS SO SOFT AND I WAS DYING Q___Q HIS VOICE SOUNDED DIFFERENT HUHU. Anyway, this episode was interesting especially when they started talking about the school festivals xD Massu is soooo funny!

OH and I realized Kei-chan goes to the set of news every. by himself, so I think I'mma stalk him in the train stations when I go back to Japan HAHAHA! LOL anywaaaaaaaaaay

Enjoy~! :D


K-chan NEWS (09/05/12)

K: Good evening! This is NEWS’ Koyama Keiichiro! All the students have started a new semester, ne? The guest is this guy, Masuda Takahisa-kun!

M: Nice to meet you!

K: Hello! Around this time, it seems like there are a lot of sports festivals and culture festivals.

M: Ah, really?

K: Even the senior students get to have fun earlier since they’re having exams afterwards and it’ll be hard for them.

M: I love the sports fest the most!

K: Since there are a lot of topics like these now, I want to talk about culture [or school] festivals.

M: School festivals?

K: Your image doesn’t seem like you do school festivals.

M: I don’t, ne? I don’t think I’ve ever been to school festivals.

K: You haven’t?! You only focus on the sports fest, ne?

M: Yeah, sports fest and lunch, I guess? [AS EXPECTED FROM MASSU HAHAHA]

K: *laughs* You’re a healthy boy, ne?

M: Yeah, I am, ne?

K: You went to school with shorts, right?

M: *laughs* Well, when I was in elementary. But during winter? There were kids like that, but I wasn’t like that.

K: *laughs* Oh, you did.

M: Yeah, I was wearing long pants.

K: But I see… school festivals…

M: How about you?

K: I did when we were in high school. We made booths like pizza shop with the whole class.

M: Heh~

K: And then it went well, so we also delivered.

M: With a bike?

K: Eh?

M: With a [motor] bike?

K: With a bike, no.

M: *laughs* So you toasted pizza and stuff?

K: We did.

M: That’s cool.

K: I see. Well school festivals and sports fests really would make an impression to your memories. Though, Masuda-san here doesn’t have any memory of school festivals.

M: I’m sorry.

K: *laughs* As for sports fest, it’s fun, ne? It’s like a competition with everyone.

M: I think the things you do together are the ones that make good memories, ne?

K: I think you should do this without acting cool.

M: In this case, you should do this without acting cool.

K: I just said that.

M: Ah, you said that.

K: Yeah, you can only do that in this period of time.

M: You can only do that in this period of time, ne?

K: *laughs*You ran out of things to say, ne? So let’s start with the first song, NEWS’ Hadashi no Cinderella Boy!

(Song: Hadashi no Cinderella Boy)

K: Girls’ Talk!

M: (he said something with a really deep voice I couldn’t catch it ;__;)

K: *laughs* The voice is so me!

M: *laughs*

K: Your voice and mine.

M: Yeah.

K: Your voice seems light today, ne?

M: Yeah, well we’re in the middle of a live tour. There are a lot of people who are also looking forward to listen to us.

K: Yes, so let’s go with the Shige version today.

M: (he said the same thing with the one earlier, but with a deeper voice this time)

K: *laughs* His voice is a bit fat. [WHAT HAHA] First is from Yuippun.

M: Yuippun.

K: “Some time ago, I went to my friend’s house and I saw her older brother’s room and his room seemed so different from my own room. It was more mature and I was surprised. I’ve been only seeing my older brother’s room, so I didn’t imagine other guys’ rooms to be like that. Do you have an ideal image for a girl’s room?”

M: This topic is good, ne? She only knows her older brother’s room.

K: She seems to only know her older brother’s room.

M: And she saw her friend’s brother, right?

K: Yeah, yeah.

M: That’s nice, ne?

K: Maybe she hasn’t been to a guy’s house, ne?

M: I want people to see my room that way too. I want my younger sister to bring her friend and let her friend say, “Your brother’s room is so cool.”

K: But we’re the younger brothers, though, ne? *laughs*

M: Yeah. *laughs*

K: *laughs* But a girl’s room? What kind do you like?

M: A girl’s room? But I think I want a fashionable kind of room. Like even her lifestyle is fashionable. Something like a tree.

K: Someone… woody-ish?

M: Yeah, and there’s like a feel of plants and there’s like a place where you can do teatime.

K: I kind of imagined your ideal type of room for a girl to be like there’s a place where you can hang your cap and the closet has like a mannequin or something. And I don’t know, maybe she displays her favorite clothes.

M: Ah~

K: Maybe the image like she goes to a vocational school for fashion or something.

M: I see~. Maybe that’s acceptable. Even the ones like clothes shop are acceptable. Like a studio, ne?

K: She makes, like a mission ne?

M: That’s nice, ne?

K: And for the colors, there aren’t just black and white but there’s a bit like pink.

M: Bed is pink or something?

K: Well, how do you say it, light pink? Or white-ish.

M: White, ne?

K: White-ish. White-base is so cute~.

M: So you like the cute, type, ne?

K: Yeah, I think I like the cute type.

M: Well I think a feminine room is okay.

K: Yeah, but this topic is nice, ne? Well one day, I’m sure she’ll be able to see her future boyfriend’s room.

M: Ah~, yes.

K: But it’ll be bad if it’s far from what she imagines them to be, ne?

M: Exactly. And his bed might be like pink. [HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA OMG]

K: *laughs* That’s really bad. Next is Risa from Aichi Prefecture.

M: Risa.

K: “One time, I and my friend were talking about what guys are like when they’re told by girls that they’re cute. How do you feel two when you’re told that you’re cute? Massu who’s really scared of bugs and Koyama who has a border of vertical pattern (I wonder what did this mean?) are both really cute.”

M: I see… So this is about us, ne?

K: Yeah, but you’re told a lot that you’re cute, right?

M: Yeah… I guess?

K: You are, no doubt!

M: But that’s a compliment, right?

K: Yeah, but when we have like events or concerts, we’re told sometimes that we’re cute, ne?

M: Yeah, we get a lot like that, ne? Cool and cute. Maybe we’re in-between.

K: *laughs*

M: I think we’re both!

K: I wonder if they think we’re cool.

M: Hmm, well we are cool.

K: But we don’t dislike that.

M: Yeah, we don’t dislike it. We’re happy.

K: I think it really depends with the person, but we don’t dislike that. ‘Cause when we’re both like in the streets and we find something, we say, “Ah! That’s cute!”

M: But normally when it’s some wild guy, he might react like, “What ‘cute’ are you saying? But when it’s like something a girl has, he might say, “Hey, that’s cute.”

K: I think that’s because we have older sisters. Because we have nee-chankapana, we also had a lot of tendencies to see stuff for girls.

M: Well basically, we grew up carrying the stuff for the play-family so we know what the female figures are like (the ones with toy kitchen tools and stuff. HAHA! SO CUUUUTE!).

K: They were like, “Sit beside me!”

M: And then, they’ll be like, “What do you want to eat?” But they’ll give you the same thing all the time.

K: *laughs* Yeah! We always had the same play-family. Well we had those, but I’m sure Tego and Shige were alone.

M: More or less, I think they prefer to be called ‘cool’?

K: More than ‘cute’, ne?

M: But we’re okay with either.

K: That’s love~!

M: That’s love~!

K: So please do send more again!

M: Yes!

K: That’s all for Girls’ Talk!

K: The Normal Mail~!

M: Normal Mail!

K: Normal Mail! So here we go! From Okinawa, Misami!

M: Misami~.

K: “Kei-chan, Massu, good evening.”

M: Good evening!

K: “I went to the Tokyo concert! It was a very nice concert! Laughing and crying with NEWS, I’m so glad I got to spend a fun time.”

M: Thank you so much!

K: “It was my first time to go to NEWS’ tour and I’m so glad it was this tour that I got to go to. I rode the airplane alone from Okinawa, but I’m not very good with airplanes, so it was very scary. As for everyone in NEWS, I’m sure you travel a lot with airplanes, trains and such. But do you have any vehicle that you’re not good with? And on the other hand, what are the vehicles that you like? I like the bus!” Ohh~ the midnight bus? (refer to the first line of Chankapana xD)

M: Ohhh~

K: But isn’t that incredible? She came from Okinawa alone!

M: I’m so happy! Thank you so much!

K: Thank you~!

M: There are also lots of people like that, ne? They come from different places.

K: Yeah. Do you have any vehicle that you’re not very good with?

M: I once rode a moped and it was so scary.

K: *laughs* You only did once?

M: Just once.

K: I see~ moped.

M: But that’s okay, right?

K: That’s completely fine. Mine would be jet coaster.

M: Ah, really?

K: I can’t ride it.

M: Really?

K: I can’t ride that thing!

M: I don’t know, I think I like the rail.

K: You like the rail?! *laughs*

M: *laughs*

K: Were you like that ever since you were small?

M: With the marble… when I was young, I would make a coaster and let the screw run and let the marble roll.

K: You like the course types, ne?

M: Yeah, I like stuff like course and rail. Even with trains, I would prefer lines than trains.

K: Ah~ the line’s…

M: Yeah, yeah. The mechanism of the line.

K: The mechanism, ne? So you don’t seem to have rides you don’t dislike, ne?

M: But I think I don’t like getting tickets by myself. I think I’m not good with bullet train and airplanes.

K: Eh? So what do you do like when you’re traveling for vacation or something?

M: In my whole life, I think I only bought my own ticket for a bullet train.

K: All this time, you only bought once?

M: Yeah, I only bought once. I’ve never bought for the airplane.

K: Eh? How about that time when you went to Okinawa with Nakamaru-kun?

M: Nakamaru-kun.

K: He was the one who bought your plane ticket? *laughs* He’s so nice, ne.

M: He has those sides.

K: He does, ne? So you only did once, ne?

M: Yeah, just once. I’m not also good at transferring like in trains.

K: You don’t seem to be good at it, ne?

M: When it’s like Shinjuku or Tokyo station.

K: I think Tokyo station is really impossible.

M: Yeah, I’d get lost for sure. I’ll definitely ask for directions.

K: I go to the taping of Every every week, right?

M: Yeah.

K: [The manager] doesn’t come along.

M: Ah, really?

K: Yeah, so I do things all on my own. That’s why I basically remember directions.

M: In Tokyo station?

K: Anywhere.

M: Oh, anywhere. Heh~

K: It’s very helpful.

M: For me, I’m not really good at those. So I ask. If the station assistant is not there, I ask the people walking around for example like a woman.

K: You do that?

M: There are those women who walk around and I assume that those who are like wearing suits might be familiar around. “Uh, excuse me.” “I’m okay.” WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE OKAY?!

K: *laughs* So you can approach people like that?

M: I do.

K: Oh, you do!

M: To the kind ones.

K: So you choose.

M: I go, “Excuse me!” but there are a lot of times that they go, “It’s okay.” It’s like I’ve to catch someone. I think it’s the hairstyle? (what??? Hairstyle has something to do with this? LOL)

K: Massu, since we’re adults now, let’s learn. How we can catch bullet trains and airplanes.

M: But with bullet trains and airplanes, I think I want to learn how to get to those.

K: You HAVE to! It’s very easy!

M: Teach me next time.

K: I’ll teach you. And that’s all for the Normal Mails!

K: And now, we’re ending the show! We are accepting mails and postcards for the show; Tonight’s Massu Seat, Girls’ Talk, Imagination ~Kiss Situation~, Shigetter, Masuda Takahisa: Wild Transformation, Tegoshi’s First Experience, Shigeaki-sensei’s Law of Life, and many more.

M: (while Kei-chan was talking and he said ‘Shigeaki-sensei’s Law of Life’, in a deep voice) Shige desu.

K: For the postcards, the address is postal code 105-8002 Bunkahousou Recomen Tuesday K-chan NEWS. The mail address is

**On this part when Kei-chan was telling the details of the mails and the address, check out Massu. He was doing different kinds of characters while copying what Kei-chan was saying. Super cute xD

K: And announcements! For the tour this weekend, we’ll be in Miyagi Sekisui Heim Super Arena.

M: Yes. Sekisui Heim.

K: We have two locations for Sekisui Heim this time.

M: Please support us.

K: Please look forward to that!

M: Please do!

K: And Masuda-san, you have a drama.

M: “Resident ~The Five Residents (Gonin no Kenshuui) ~”

K: Please look forward to that too! It starts on October on TBS, every Thursday at 9pm, right?

M: Yes~. And you too.

K: Yes! I have a stage play “Hello, Goodbye”.

M: To believe or not, it’s your choice.

K: That’s Hello Bye Bye (The comedians).

M: Ah, sorry.

K: That’s only Hello Bye Bye.

M: That is, ne?

K: It’ll be starting on November 5 in the Globe Theater.

M: I’ll go!

K: You have a drama!

M: I’ll go! Don’t you have like shows convenient for us? Like evening shows.

K: There’s none! For all 4… 3 of you in NEWS, ne? But Tegoshi won’t come for sure. *laughs*

M: *laughs*

K: Make sure you come this time! So please look forward to them! This was NEWS’ Koyama Keiichiro and…

M: Masuda Takahisa!

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