What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

Hi, guys.

It has been awhile since I've written. I wanted to write an entry about my experience on seeing Tonisen for the first time in my entire life which was in the musical On the Town which was more than a month ago. But I struggled to write about my experience for the first couple of weeks because of extreme cases of sepanx and the hangover and all the crying from reliving such joyful experience. So about more than a month later after getting used to grasping the reality that I did see Tonisen in real life and not just in pictures or on screen, I was ready to write a blog entry on it (and even draft a love fan letter to Hiroshi, having to discover that Johnny's talents really do send replies to you as long as you follow the right process and contents). But something happened the next morning I was set on writing my blog entry and drafting that letter.

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I'm Only Dreaming.

It's been awhile since I last blogged. I was looking through some old posts and I realized I miss doing this. I haven't had the time to even translate anything (I'm way behind Okada no Hanashi and 2 months behind with K-chan NEWS ;__; Sorry guys orz) >.> Work has been eating up most of my time and I use up all my free time trying to catch up with other stuff because so much has been going on @_@ Plus not to mention I'm going for a short trip to Japan this coming Sunday until Wednesday so my days have been very very exciting (*´∀`*)

The reason why I decided to write this is to share what I've dreamt of this morning.

So the dream happened in Aoyama Theater. I was watching the opening show (or that's what I believe) of Tonisen's Broadway adaptation musical of On the Town which started last Sunday. I do remember seeing some scenes from the play in my dream. But this could be actually based on what I saw from the screencaps of the news footages of the musical.

Shortly after the show ended, for some reason, I was left in Aoyama Theater by myself. The audience had already left and the theater was a bit dark (or maybe that's the actual lighting of the theater?). I was about to leave as well when Nagano Hiroshi - yes, THE NAGANO HIROSHI walked by in the center aisle of the audience. He smiled at me and walked towards me. Just as I would do in real life, I was internally freaking out. He was wearing a plain gray T-shirt and probably below was the white sailor pants from their costume in the musical. It was after the musical, so he was a bit sweaty, but still fresh as ever. He was very fair in complexion and he has really nice skin. His hair was a bit messy probably because of the hat from the costume, but it was nicely styled. He was a lot taller than I imagined too (or maybe I'm just short xD). His smile was as if he was saying "hello". I can hardly remember what we talked about, but we were just smiling and laughing a bit the entire time. Shortly after our small talk, this time, Masa followed. He was also wearing a plain gray T-shirt and the white pants similar to Nagano's. He was very tall just as I imagined. The way he moved was just as dandy and he was very classy. His speaking voice was very nice too just as I expected (I really love his speaking voice just as much as I love his singing voice). His hair was flat like the usual. He said "hello" to me and we also had a small conversation. I can't remember exactly what happened but Masa gave me a coin. He said to tip it to the maintainance or whatever of the building =)) It was soooo random but I said it was very nice of him xD

It was a very civil kind of conversation and it was rather short, but I was able to tell that these guys are really nice in person ♡ But it made me wonder where Inocchi was that he didn't appear in the dream :))

The dream fast-forwards to a thanksgiving party after the whole musical was over which looked more like a presscon with the media and all. It was in a hall fairly big enough to fit about a hundred people and everything was white with some green plants displayed on the side. There were a lot of round tables where people were eating. Suddenly, Nagano was speaking in front with a mic. I was among the crowd (beats me how I got there). I can't remember what exactly he was saying, but he said something that goes like this:

"Today, there is something I would like to annouce. I would like to say that it's about my romantic affairs with someone but it isn't. However, if Riho-san would let me, I want to announce it with her." Then he looked towards me and said, "I want to be with you if it's okay." I saw myself then and there very shocked and freaked out, gasping so much. I couldn't make out my facial reaction with my hand covering my mouth, but my eyes were wide open and probably my face was so red. I couldn't move because I was so shocked.

...and then I woke up -_-"

I got reaaaaally disappointed when I woke up because the dream was too real that I got lost and confused whether it was reality or not. Waking up was too painful for me ;__; It sounds really crazy, but seeing Nagano so real in my dream made me fall for him more. And it made me more scared to fall for him because he's definitely someone unreachable. I don't wanna be too emotional, so I'm gonna stop there :)) But that's exactly how the dream was.

Did you have any dream like this recently that made you feel emotional? 
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Masuda Takahisa's MASTER HITS [05-10-13] Translation

A/N: This was a bit rushed because I was two weeks behind to post translations but I'm getting used to translating FINALLY. HAHAHA. The pace of this episode was fast, thank God :))) Massu started talking about mini 4WD again so I was getting a bit impatient, but the pace was fast, so I wasn't complaining. HAHA. He was so cute in this episode *__* Ugh.


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Masuda Takahisa's MASTER HITS [05-03-13] Translation

A/N: MASSU TAKES ON A LOVE ADVICE!!! AND HE DOESN'T TALK ABOUT MINI CARS!! And the love advice actually helps a lot for me xD And please forgive me for the not detailed explanations for this episode ;__; It's hard to translate some things especially when they refer to Japanese terms. It's so much easier to understand when you know Japanese ^_^"

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K-chan NEWS [05-01-13] Translation

A/N: Keii-chan's birthday episoooooode! 8D Tego was so hyper and noisy. I understand why he got so tired HAHAHA. Anyway, let me make myself clear to all my lovely readers before you go over this translation.

Some people reacted that Koyama announced that they announced a tour, single and album. Koyama did NOT announce anything. He DID say they were releasing a single, album and a tour but it wasn't exactly an 'official' announcement. He was just saying in a way that we were already expecting it, but it wasn't a necessarily an official announcement. So let's wait for further announcements, okay? :) After all, Nagisa no Onee Samaa is expected already, so let's wait for further announcements :)

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"iStart a Fanwar"

It has been awhile since I have written a personal blog. It's even been awhile since I last wrote anything aside from the translations I've been working on for the last month :)) Anyhow, I thought on blogging about what I've been noticing about, well, generally about fandom. But before anything else, just a friendly reminder that I am not writing this entry to attack anyone in specific or pick a fight against people. If there's one thing I want to do through this post, it would be for the intention that fandom would be more at peace. I know just one blog entry wouldn't change anything, but if I can make even just a little difference among the fans, then it would be really great :)

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